DreamCatcher Farm Grass-fed Beef and Pork

In a world where agribusiness has created a world of fast, cheap, and nutritionally deficient food, DreamCatcher Farm returns to raising beef nature's way - on the grass. All cows are started out on grass. But their fate is to either live out their lifespan in green pastures eating a variety of native grasses, or to be shipped to a feedlot where they will be pumped with antibiotics and be fed a diet of growth hormones, slaughter house waste, and corn - food they didn't evolve to digest. The conditions would actually kill the livestock if they weren't slaughtered first!

At DreamCatcher Farm, all our cattle are raised on grass for their entire lifespan. They are 100% grass fed and grass finished. It costs more and takes longer to raise cattle on grass. So why would we do this? There are many reasons. . .here are just a few:

It's Better for the Earth!
Through management intensive grazing, our cows are pastured on alfalfa, orchard grass, red clover, and other native Kentucky grasses. No pesticides or chemicals are ever used on our grasses. The soil is not being depleted by chemicals and commercial fertilizers. And since the cows are pastured all their lives on the farm, we save fuel costs from transporting them back and forth to feed lots. There are no manure lagoons to pollute the land, rather a natural ongoing sustainability where the land continuously replenishes itself.

It's Better for the Animals!
Our cows are raised from birth to harvest right here on DreamCatcher Farm. They are free to roam, to graze, to nap - whatever. They are never loaded and hauled to feedlots. They live a comfortable life on the pasture, eating lush native Kentucky grasses. These cows are grass fed, and grass finished. In short - they're happy cows!

It's Better for the You!
Being raised and finished on grass means DreamCatcher beef is healthier for you as well. You are getting great protein that is extremely high in Omega 3 fatty acids, as well as Vitamin A and E. It is also lower in calories and saturated fat than grain fed beef. 100% Grassfed beef is also naturally very lean.

No growth implants or hormones are ever used on any of our livestock. Antibiotics are used only in life or death emergencies. What this means is that you are not getting these chemicals either.

It's Better Tasting!
Never stressed or driven, the meat from these animals is tender and lean. Happy cows translate to delicious beef. We hear this over and over each week at the local farmers markets. Folks tell us the beef tastes like it did years ago - back before the feedlots. We know how healthy our beef is, but that really doesn't matter if it doesn't taste great as well. But it does!! Each week, we hear our customers coming back for more because it was the best beef they've had in years!!

To Learn More
about the health and environmental benefits of pasture raised livestock, go to www.eatwild.com The Sierra Club also has great information on the benefits of local and organic eating. Please visit them at: www.sierraclub.org and www.truecostoffood.org.

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