DreamCatcher Farm Grass-fed Beef, Lamb, Pork

DreamCatcher Farm is a small family-owned farm located near Taylorsville, Kentucky, in Spencer County. The DreamCatcher property is 170 acres of beautiful Kentucky farmland that is home to grass-fed Devon and Angus cattle. Although grass-fed beef is the primary livestock on the farm, lamb and pork are also raised using sustainable farming methods.

Through management intensive grazing, the cows are pastured on alfalfa, orchard grass, red clover, and other native Kentucky grasses. No pesticides or chemicals are ever used on the grasses. Likewise, during winter months, the cattle are given alfalfa/clover/orchard grass hay that is grown on the farm. No growth implants or hormones are ever used on any of the livestock. Antibiotics are used only in life or death emergencies. Never stressed or driven, the meat from these animals is tender and lean. Extra care is given to the humane treatment of all DreamCatcher animals - especially through the harvesting process.

DreamCatcher Farm currently has sixty cows/calves, twenty-one sheep (ewes), and 18 Yorkshire hogs. Also, three dogs, Ellie (Chocolate Lab), Kiva (Yellow Lab), and Max (black lab).

Sales of beef, lamb and pork are made directly to customers through local farmers markets and one retail outlet. DreamCatcher DreamBurgers are available in one local restaurant, and these burgers are also grilled and sold at the St. Matthews Beargrass Christian Church farmers market on Saturday morning.

DreamCatcher Farm is co-owned by husband and wife team, Lelia and Stan Gentle. The farm is a realized dream itself for Stan who spent summers as a child on a farm in Alabama. When Stan's older cousin, Ray, let him drive the tractor and help milk the cows, he was hooked. Even at twelve years old, he knew the best job was found on the farm. Lelia's commitment to the farm lies in providing good, safe, healthy food for the local community.

Veteran restaurateurs, the Gentles have already spent a thirty-year career in the food business as proprietors of Stan's Fish Sandwich Restaurant in Louisville, KY. Their three decade dedication to quality, freshness, and purity (no chemicals or additives), have made this transition into the all-natural production of a 100% grass-fed beef a very comfortable one. Their passion for taking care of the earth, for sustainability, and for great food drives them to provide quality DreamCatcher products.

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